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Veneer Paper-Backed Sheets

For true versatility, nothing compares to the natural beauty of our paper-backed, premium-matched veneer. Each sheet is tenderized and sanded to meet our stringent quality inspection.


NBL® (No Black Line)

NBL® laminates provide the custom woodworker with superior flexibility and performance when compared to other wood-backed products. NBL®’s patented 3-ply construction produces an extremely pliable, moisture-resistant sheet without the black edge associated with phenolic and foil backers.


DuraBack™ Veneer

DuraBack™ is a unique product designed and engineered as an alternative to traditional laminate backed veneer. This hardwood veneer product is very popular in some markets where solvent-based adhesive restrictions require woodworkers to use water-based glues.


Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Veneer Sheets

FormWood PSA hardwood veneer provides a simple and easy alternative for applying veneer without the need to use a secondary adhesive. Utilizing the best quality 3M™ Brand PSA adhesives, our peel & stick veneer provides a permanent bond to any smooth substrate that is dry and free of dust and contaminants.

Preasure sensitive edge tape

Uni-Formwood Veneer

Provide a look more beautiful that Mother Nature intended. Uni-FormWood™ laminates feature guaranteed color and grain consistency and are surprisingly less expensive than their naturally imperfect, real species counterparts. These reconstituted wood veneers are defect-free, identical from sheet to sheet, and are offered on your choice of backers from paper to plywood.

Wood Veneer Edgebanding

FormWood’s Form-Edge™ Edgebanding is produced by joining individual pieces of veneer together into a continuous master roll by finger-jointing the veneer. The rolls are laminated with a fleece, then sanded and slit to finished widths.

wood edge tape