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Plywood Species & Core Options

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Stocking Species

African Mahogany - Plain SliceDouglas Fir - Vertical GrainSapele - Quarter Sawn
AlderEastern White PineWalnut - Plain Slice
Ash Select WhiteBeech - European SteamedWhite Ash
Aspen IndustrialHickory - Plain Slice CalicoWhite Oak - Plain Sawn
Baltic BirchHickory - RusticWhite Oak - Rift & Quatered
Baltic Birch - New 4 x 8Maple - NaturalWhite Pine
Birch - CalicoMaple - Sap WhiteYellow Poplar
Birch - NaturalRed Birch
Birch - Sap WhiteRed Oak - Plain Slice
Cherry - Plain SlicedRed Oak - Rift & Quartered
Cherry - RusticRed Oak - Rotary

Additional species available by special order.

Core Options

plywood_veneercoreVeneer Core
Made with alternating veneer inner plies. Veneer core panels are relatively light in comparison with composite panels, typically weighing about 70 lbs. per 3/4” panel. Veneer core offers great strength and stability with better spanning properties than either PBC or MDF. Columbia’s 100% veneer core products offer a variety of panel construction options to satisfy a range of quality and price point needs.


plywood_mdfcoreMedium Density Fiberboard (MDF) Core
MDF is made in a production process similar to PBC except that all of wood particles are small and uniform like sawdust. MDF offers great stability and is the least likely to react when subjected to a measurable change in temperature or humidity. It offers a very smooth, void-free surface for veneer faces. MDF has greater strength and screw holding properties than particleboard and weighs around 100 lbs.


Particleboard core (PBC)Particleboard Core (PBC)
Raw PBC is composed of wood particles which vary in size bonded together with urea formaldehyde or, by special order, no-added urea formaldehyde systems. PBC is the least expensive core option for hardwood plywood, offering a smooth, void-free surface for veneer faces. PBC is very uniform in thickness and density. PBC is one of the heaviest core options for hardwood plywood construction, weighing as much as 100 lbs per 3/4” panel.


Combination Core w composite crossbandsCombination Core with Composite Crossbands
Constructed of veneer core inner plies with particleboard or MDF crossbands. Offers similar strength and stability to veneer core but has the void-free surface quality of PBC or MDF. Excellent substrate for thin sliced woods and rotary woods, reducing the potential for core transfer.


Value Added Applications

Pre-Applied Custom Stained Panels
Designed to provide greater flexibility and control for customers to select, match and manage their stain procedures for Columbia products, CustomColors resolves a host of bottlenecks in the production process. CustomColors is pre-applied, UV cured, 100% solid stain applied with our state-of-the-art equipment to provide superior quality and consistency. Customers can select from three gloss levels: Satin (30-40), Medium (50-60) and High (80-90).

UV LabCoat™
The beautiful and durable UV-cured pre-finishing option is certified by the Scientific Equipment and Furniture Association (SEFA). This chemical resistant finish is perfect for labs, schools and other installations that demand the performance of a laboratory grade finish.

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