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Roseburg Ultra Blend

UltraBlend panels are a premium-quality, mat-formed, multi-layer wood particle panel, made of predominantly, precision refined particles bonded with urea resins. Roseburg offers its UltraBlend panels with a high-quality smooth surface, tight machinable edges and excellent dimensional stability.

Roseburg Particleboard Cover Photo

Moisture Resistant Particleboard

Metro Hardwoods stocks MR10 (moisture resistant) Premium Industrial Particleboard with added protection against occasional wetting and high humidity. Often required in commercial applications and great for added protection near sink applications in residential construction.

Moisture Resistant Particleboard

Roseburg Skyblend Particleboard

SkyBlend is Roseburg’s renowned ECC Certified 100% recycled or recovered wood fiber particleboard engineered to meet today’s green building requirements. SkyBlend is a premium-quality, mat-formed, multilayer wood particle panel and is available as raw board or can be specified as a core for Roseburg Decorative Panels. SkyBlend particleboard is intended for interior, non-structural applications only.


DuraflakeĀ® FR Particleboard

This nationally-recognized fire-rated panel is classified by Underwriters Laboratories for surface burning characteristics using the UL 723 Test Method. This FR panel is retardant throughout, stays classified after cutting and has a wide range of sizes available.

DuraFlake Particleboard