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See the natural beauty, feel the amazing texture, and love what it does for the environment and your budget. All of our StevensWood™ finishes fuse the natural beauty of real wood with the durability of thermofused melamine! By creating a real wood look and feel, your designers or product development team can design a high-end wood product with cost advantages similar to melamine. 

We stock a full line of StevensWood Melamine.

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Metro Hardwoods stocks 8 colors in ¼” and ¾” along with matching edge tape.


*In stock items are Artika texture.



Features and Benefits:

Decorative product specifiers demand design appeal, and Stevens melamine panels deliver. Available in numerous solid colors, wood grains, abstract patterns and surface textures, Stevens panels satisfy the exacting design and aesthetic criteria required in today’s demanding marketplace. Virtually any design style or decorating motif can be captured or enhanced.

Resistance to Surface Wear
One of the chief advantages of Stevens panels is that their beauty lasts. The hard, durable melamine thermoset surface exhibits superior resistance to scuffs, stains, light and heat without loss of color or surface texture uniformity. And surface maintenance is minimal. Panels are easily cleaned and no special cleaning procedures, materials or solvents are required under recommended conditions of use and wear.

Stevens panels are permanently bonded and free of face delamination because the decorative surface is thermally fused to the substrate during pressing. Combine the superior performance and long-wearing properties of an integrally fused laminate surface with today’s substrates and the result, in a word, is durability. Durability in fabrication, and durability in service for the end user.

Ease of Fabrication:
Stevens panels are easy to cut, drill, fasten and join for fast and economical in-shop re-manufacturing and on-site installation. Ready to use from the factory, panels and components save the time and expense of dealing with adhesives or pressing equipment.

Stevens panels accommodate an unlimited range of indoor decorative applications. The wide selection of available colors, sizes and thickness permits unique design possibilities and provides versatility in product re-manufacturing.

Strength and Stiffness:
Although designed for deco benefits.htm rative applications, Stevens panels also deliver the strength and rigidity required of products that will be put to use in service, such as cabinets, bookcases, furniture, and similar applications. Substrate materials are manufactured according to the standards governing the particular material classification.

Stevens panels are by all criteria the decorative material choice of greatest value. They are economically purchased, economically fabricated, and economically maintained in service. With all of the performance benefits they provide, you might expect to pay a premium. But Stevens melamine panels are actually less expensive than other decorative products such as H.P. Laminate and have grown in popularity because of their economy and durability.

Stevens panels and components are manufactured according to the demanding performance criteria.