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Black Walnut, Flat Cut

Black Walnut, Flat Cut


Black walnut is moderately heavy and strong. It works easily and has one of the beautiful color and grain patterns of woods from around the world. Flat cut will have more variety of grain pattern.

Industry StandardArchitectural Lumber Specification Beyond the Grade
GradeNHLA FAS1F & BetterNHLA FAS1F & Better + Proprietary Specs
ColorUnselected for color or heartwood percentageSelected for heavy heartwood; 90/50 minimum, by sawing larger diameter, straighter saw logs
Widths5" (115mm) minimum5" (115mm) and wider, 7" (178mm) or better average widths
Lengths6' (1826mm) and longer7' (2130mm) and longer, 60% or better random lengths up to 14' (4270mm) available
ClarityProduct of allowable defects per NHLA gradeA higher FAS percentage, with high quantities of clear one face
Grade & Manufacturing Product of allowable defects per NHLA gradeWane restricted to less than 1" (26mm) aggregated with, near square edge appearance achieved

Pictures are for illustration purposes to show the variation of the species and cut and will not be an exact representation. Lumber is a product of nature where every board is unique in grain, color and defects.